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Safe Driving Saves Money... Really!


As the insurance industry continues to change, more than ever we find companies are putting their clients in the driver's seat by offering programs that let them customize their insurance rates. This means the safer you drive, the more you'll save!

Safeco and Progressive – two of the companies we represent – offer vehicle telematics programs where drivers can earn up to 30% off their insurance premiums.

Recently, a family insured with CTIA participated in a telematics program and saved BIG! This was a great opportunity for an entire family to participate and see who could earn the largest discount. They were able to save 21, 16, 11 and 14 percent respectively on each of their four cars.

Safeco's RightTrack and Progressive's Snapshot involve plugging a small device into the OBD-II diagnostics port of your car. These devices monitor driving activity like acceleration, hard braking, and times of day on the road.

Not insured with Safeco or Progressive? No worries, all of our companies offer discounts for low mileage, senior driving courses, and more.

Are you interested in customizing your premium? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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