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A reflection on 30 years in the making

The furthest thing from my mind 30 years ago was that there would be the opportunity today to reflect on the last 30 years. When I started my agency, at age 24, my first goal was to make it one year. And then to make it to the next year and to learn the fine details of the industry along the way. I believed that if I made it through three years, with a number of positive indicators, that a long term sustainable agency could be built.

Industry-wide, so much emphasis was on numbers back then, crunching the numbers, but for me it really turned out to be counting the relationships that were being built one household at a time. The way I see it, relationships are everything because if you don’t retain your clients you can’t grow your business. As a team, our goal has always been to be approachable and nurture transparency, even more than one might expect. When life throws a curve ball, such as a fender bender or speeding ticket, we always appreciate being the first phone call because it’s our job to provide guidance, confidence and support in the next steps to be taken.

Our ideal client expects support and guidance as life changes, and we love being their advocate during that time. Other agencies put emphasis on an aggressive growing model that’s driven by lofty numbers versus relationship building. Where I believe we differ is we’d rather have fewer clients with strong relationships than far more clients that are simply just a number.

These first 30 years have been priceless, an ever-changing adventure, and we continue to embrace our fast moving landscape every day. I hope that being clients of CTIA has been beneficial to you because you are infinitely valuable to us and what we stand for. A big Thank You to each of you for making 30 years possible! It is because of all of you, your loyalty, referrals and your continued confidence in CTIA guiding you through this ever changing maze of your insurance protection needs. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and hope that you allow me and my team to continue to serve you for many, many years to come.

Wishing you all the best and a blessed 2018!
– Christopher Togawa

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